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What problem are we solving?

About 60-80% of the shop floor workforce exists outside the organization's digital DNA. While organizations do understand the critical need for inclusive integration of these last-mile employees so as to survive and drive global growth, their existing legacy systems are beyond repair.

CONEXSTRA is empowering organizations to embrace IoT, Mobile, Web, Cloud & Big Data technologies through its INDONIS platform so as to deliver life-enhancing user experiences at their shopfloors.



Each experience has to be a life-enhancing one and is the key metric against which every solution is measured.


Delivery of each experience is strategic, value enhancing and aligned to long term business goals.


Design is the fine culmination of how experience and strategy actually work together.


Technology is the ultimate medium of expression of the designs and abstracted to the highest levels from its end users.


Industry 4.0 is the present future, but 90% organizations are not even ready for it.

INDONIS is the world's first ever industry operating system that bootstraps these organizations into Industry 4.0.

It is a "platform-as-service" offering that achieves deeper integration and transformation of man-machine behaviors into seamless digital work-flows across the entire organization through leverage of IoT, Mobile, Web, Cloud and Big Data technologies.



“We are grateful that you have been a great support to our organization. Your efforts have helped Forbes Marshall achieving an important milestone by receiving maximum number of suggestions in any month. This has enhanced total employee involvement & members here are very happy to use the platform.”


Mr. Mangesh Ashtekar
Forbes Marshall, India

“We've worked with Conexstra on a few enterprise mobility projects and always found them to be passionate and dedicated folks. They're always up for the challenge of tackling something that's interesting for the industry. I have known Sushil personally for the past 10+ yrs and can't speak highly enough of him. I wish him and his startup a great deal of success going ahead.”


Mr. Nick Walls
R2C Online, United Kingdom

“In Conexstra, we see a reliable, innovative solutions partner. Trackizon brings together IoT and Mobile technologies to deliver a unique value for our shop floor staff and management. We look forward to working together on even more challenging problems to solve.”


Mr. Rajesh Dubey
MVML, India